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About buttons. A button can activate a single action or a series of actions. A button can change appearance in response to mouse actions. A button can be easily copied across many pages. Add a button to an Acrobat PDF form. On the page, click where you want to add the button to create a button with the default size. For a custom size button, drag a rectangle to define the size of the button. Double-click the button field, and then specify a name, tool tip text, and other common properties.

Click the Appearance tab, and then specify options to determine the button appearance on the page. Remember, if you select a background color, you are not able to see through to any images behind the button. The text options affect the label you specify in the Options tab, not the button name in the General tab. Click the Options tab, and select options to determine how labels and icons appear on the button.

Click the Actions tab. Specify options to determine what happens when the button is clicked, such as jumping to a different page or playing a media clip. Click Close. Add a submit button. Type text in the Label box to identify the button as a submit button. In the Submit Form Selections dialog box, do one of the following:. Submit Form Selections options. Specifies the URL to collect the form data.

Returns the form in Hypertext Markup Language. Returns the entire PDF file with the user input. Standardizes the format for dates that the user enters. Making buttons change appearance. Edit a button. Select the Button field, and then do any of the following:. To edit the properties for the button field, double-click the button.

I am trying to create a stamp that prints a number that is incremented with each stamp I place within the same document. I have tryed to use persistent global data. But actually I want to be able to copy the pdf to a different PC the still be able to increment the number from the last saved stamp. I also had a look into the DataObjects.

The problem with this is, that it is saved in the stamp pdf file?! This will work as long as you are using Adobe Acrobat to stamp the document.

The free Adobe Reader cannot create custom meta data fields. A data object in the stamped document would also work, but is a lot more work. Suppose I have a text field on a stamp that has to be updated by a popup dialog that has a combobox who has for example 3 or more options where you can choose of and a blank field for free text. How can i do this? Frans, you need to create a custom dialog.

Nothing in it of a combobox. I do this for a living, and even I struggle with the complexity of it on a regular basis. Which one will work in your case depend on where exactly that name appears. I can not find where it was answered.

Paul, are you referring to the stamps that come with Acrobat e. If so, then no, there is no way to change the color without actually editing the stamp in an application like Adobe Illustrator.

My question is, once the stamp is placed on a document and the document is saved — if I delete the original stamp and try to place it again, I am no longer prompted for the fields — the old stamp simply comes on with the original fields that were filled out — anyway around this?

Thanks so much for your help. Once I renamed the internal stamp to start with a , everything functions as expected. I created a duplicate dynamic stamp using your instructions, but it stamps a full page of white with the stamp a little thing right in the middle.

What am i doing wrong? Evan, I looked at the file you sent, and the stamp in question is different from the other stamps: The whole page including the white space around the actual stamp is an image. You will need to either crop the page down to just the stamp, or recreate the stamp using tools that will not convert the stamp you are editing to an image.

Hi, is there any way to flatten the stamp I add immediately upon place it in a document. In order not to be able to delete or copy it in the future. I mean to flatten the stamp without using any additional free tools for flattening the page — just the stamp to be flattened upon placed. Yes I have already checked this, but I have not figured out how to implement the code correctly in the stamp in order the stamp to be flattened when is placed in a document.

I have the below simple part of code into a dynamic stamp, which shows the date that the stamp placed and I want upon placed to flatten the document:. Which works in the dynamic. When I try to click anywhere on the stamp, nothing happens. I am using Adobe Acrobat Pro.

Krista, that very likely means that our stamp does not contain letters because it is either an image, or a vector drawing. In that case, you would have to do a lot more work in e.

Photoshop or Illustrator to modify the stamp. What do we do? I open a PDF file on a folder. That can be multiple folders. Questions like filenumber, company, …. Then I have a code javascript to copy the file in the folder with a filename the user filled in or choose from the stamp. Example the user has a dropbox with multiple company names. I open the file test. I put the stamp.

How can I do that? It took me a while to find the tool commands in Acrobat Pro DC but google helped with that. Hi Karl, I simply want to remove the time from the received stamp, and leave everything else the same. Is there a way I can do that without duplicating the stamp and editing the duplicate to fit what I need?

Thanks in advance for your help! Debb, I would still duplicate the stamp, just in case you make a mistake, and you want to go back to the original. You can open the stamp file in Adobe Acrobat and then select to edit a form. This will show you the form fields on the different stamps. Go to the page with the Received stamp, and edit the form field. You can replace the whole script with this line:. I created my Dynamic stamp from instructions above.

Now when I go into Dynamic stamps it is showing the original std 5 dynamic stamps as 1st 5-stamps. It also has those same 5 below with my newly created stamps in the order I had created them.

Is there a way to just show the newly created ones in the proper location? Todd, you can remove template pages from the stamp files. Once removed, they will no longer show up as stamps. I am not sure; however, is there a way to make a simple dynamic date stamp in the free adobe reader? Thank you for your very informative page here.

Sarah, page templates still work the same way, just the user interface has changed. So anything you were able to do in e. What did I do wrong? I have modified a stamp but it comes up as a whole page instead of just the stamp, can you assist please? Dee, Acrobat crops the whitespace around the stamp and then uses the remaining element as stamp. If there is other stuff on your page besides the stamp, then you have to remove that first. This could be for example a page background.

If Acrobat is not picking the right elements, you may have to manually crop the page down to just the stamp. That is a flag that tells Acrobat to run the calculation script every time the stamp is placed. Your email address will not be published. If the information you found on my site helped you to solve a problem, please consider to hire me for your next PDF related project.

Skip to content. To get the location of the application level stamps, we would use the following JavaScript command in the JavaScript console: app. Bookmark the permalink. November 12, at pm. Karl Heinz Kremer says:. Waqas Khan says:.

November 13, at pm. Thanks in advance.. Laura M says:. December 3, at pm. Can you please elaborate. December 4, at pm.

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I found out how to change the color of the pop up, but I want the actual Received stamp to be a different color. We have multiple users and I want mine to be different then the rest. I have a custom stamp in Adobe pro that I created that I need to add to a each page of a large document.

Is there a way to add it to all the pages at once versus stamping each page individually. Karl, I have a document with mulitple sheets, is there a way of putting the stamp on the first sheet and having it automatically coming up on each sheet after or does the stamp have to be placed on manually for each sheet?

I have created a stamp. Thank you. Is there a way I can make them the same? I have Acrobat X Pro. Others here have just Creator and their box sizes are the same as the stamp. Also, the fill color disappears on the copied or edited stamp.

Why would that happen? Is it possible that you have something in that border area which may just be one pixel? Existing code is:. Your solution did the trick indeed! I appreciate the help! Otherwise, stamps and other markup comments or annotations will not print. DocNo; this. There is nothing you can do in the stamp script to get around this. I added it to the Dynamic section in my Adobe Acrobat X.

What am I doing wrong here? Wayne, you need to add form fields and JavaScript to a static PDF file in order to convert it to a dynamic stamp.

There are tutorials out there that describe how to do that. Stacy, unfortunately, things like this are really hard to diagnose from a distance. Weekly, I create one doc with all my invoices, and as I pay them, I stamp them Paid. To fix it, I copied the calculated contents of the Adobe-provided dynamic stamps and replaced the Calculation part — even with the new calculation, if there are pages already stamped, the date will not advance.

I also tried flattening all comments, saving and re-opening — still, the same earlier date. What can I do to make this stamp use the current date every time I stamp? Thank you for any help! If that does not fix your problem, let me know and I will dig a bit deeper. Thanks so much for your help! I truly appreciate it. I tried using the console to get the name, and get this for every stamp I try it with.

AP TypeError: this. I guess this is just beyond my capabilities to read online and reproduce actions…. Thank you! I want to place a stamp on right bottom corner, and it does it most cases, but some times the stamp is rotated by 90 degree.

My code is:. Jan, you have to take the rotation information of the page into account and then place your stamp based on that. I have followed all of these steps and set up new dynamic stamps that look like I want them to look, but once I place them I want them to be un movable and permanent. This can be done e. On a side note, is there a way to expand the stamp function to include points of data?

That would be visible only after clicking on the stamp as a pop up window in the document? It just either increases or decreases in size. This is driving me crazy. I am currently using Adobe X Pro at work.

I recently got married and therefore changed my name but on the Dynamic stamps, it is still showing my old last name. How do I change it to my married name? I thought this would change automatically when I created a new digital signature, is this not the case? If not, how do I change it? Why would the dynamic date on my custom stamp not update after the day I create it?

It updates during the creation process i. If that response was directed at me, what internal stamp name are you referring to? Tyler, yes, that reply was directed at you.

Do you get any errors on the JavaScript console? If so, what is the exact error message? What exactly are you using as your calculation script?

Native file selected to generate the stamp: interactive Acrobat-generated file which IS the stamp: not interactive. Tyler, all interactive fields in a stamp will get converted to static information at the time you apply the stamp. There is nothing you can do about that.

Hello Karl. I am using Adobe X Pro — Windows 7. Some times I need to back date some of the documents I handle. I used to be able to do it under Windows XP using the dynamic stamp but now under Windows 7 the systems puts the current date. Is there a way to change the date on the dynamic stamp if needed? I need create a dynamic stamp for circulation stamp which have 5 columns and 5 rows contain Date and some other information.

How can I add more rows each time when I complete first one. Suresh, What you want to do is beyond the limits of what PDF stamps would allow you to do. Hi Karl see the below video, this is one I looking. Suresh, the stamp in the video does not have a variable number of rows or columns, it has a fixed grid of fields that are then represented on the stamp. If you want to fields, where does the second bit of information come from? If you want the user to enter it, you will have to create a dialog to ask for that information, which requires quite a bit more JavaScript than what we already have in a dynamic stamp.

The first time I used a dynamic not a custom Stamp, a dialogue box showed up to fill info such as Name and company. I misspelled my name when that happened.

How can I go to that dialogue box again and fix the name? You can change your information there. However, this will not change the user name that is associated with the annotations you place. Is there anyone I can pay to create a dynamic stamp for me. I just want to change the name that is printed on the dynamic stamp.

I assume it is the name I input when creating my Adobe account, but I need to change it. Any help? How do I fix it? That would also cause a problem when you place the stamp over existing content — it would cover up that content. That should then allow Acrobat to correctly determine the size of the actual stamp. I need to know how to backdate within a dynamic stamp.

Instead of showing the current date, I want the date reflected in the stamp to show a past date. Hopefully, my question is clear. If not, please let me know. Shoe, should it always be a certain number of days backdated? If you want to back-date by e. When you look at any of the standard Acrobat stamps that provide a date, they always use something like this:.

To use a different date, you can modify this as follows:. Magda, I would try again, making sure to follow the instructions step by step. The process works, so if you are not getting the correct results, then one of the steps was not done correctly.

This is amazing. Thank you for the excellent instructions. I saved it to my desktop when I was done. Closed everything. Opened my desktop, copied the Dynamic.

But the second time it worked like a charm. All online tutorials are solely about newly setting up stamps, not adjusting existing ones. Saskia, dynamic stamps work the same way on Windows and on the Mac. Unless you are using e. I am creating a stamp and would like to have the user input the date.

I would use a regular expression to test if the string is a valid date. Close all opened dialog boxes, if any. Click the cross icon at the right-end of the Prepare Form toolbar to close the tool.

If a label option is selected from the Layout menu, type the text in the Label box. If an icon option is selected from the Layout menu, click Choose Icon , click Browse , and select the file. Click Clear to remove the selected icon.

Specifies appearances for the Up, Down, and Rollover states of the mouse. Select an option under State, and then specify a label or icon option:.

Click the Options tab, select one of the icon options from the Layout menu, and then click Advanced. Icon Is Too Big. Icon Is Too Small. From the Scale menu, select whether to scale the icon proportionally. If the icon is scaled nonproportionally, it may be skewed. To make sure that either the top and bottom or left and right sides of the icon are flush against the button edges, select Fit To Bounds. To define where the icon is placed inside the button, drag the slider arrows. Icon placement is defined according to the percentage of space preserved between the icon and the left field boundary, and between the icon and the bottom field boundary.

The default setting 50, 50 places the icon in the middle of a field. You can click Reset at any time to revert to the default placement setting. In some cases, you may want the button area to be invisible until the pointer moves over it.

By alternately showing and hiding a button, you can create interesting visual effects in a document. For example, when you move a pointer over a city on a map, a detail map of the city could be displayed, and the detail map could disappear when the pointer moves away from the city. Pointer not over button area B. Pointer enters button area C.

Pointer exits button area. Using the Button tool , drag across the area where you want the pop-up button to appear. For example, if the PDF file contains a map of France, drag across the area where you want a detailed map of Paris to pop up. Double-click the button, and then click the Options tab and choose Icon Only from the Layout menu. Choose Push from the Behavior menu, and then choose Rollover from the State list.

Click Choose Icon , and then click Browse. Select the file type from the File Of Type , navigate to the location of the image file, and then double-click the file. In this example, you would select a map of Paris.

Click OK to accept the previewed image as the button. Click the Appearance tab. If you are in the edit mode, click Preview. The image field you defined appears as the pointer rolls over the button area and disappears when it exits.

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