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Table Of Contents. Quick Links. Table of Contents. Previous Page. Next Page. Page 3: Table Of Contents Page Page 5 Painting and Drawing Chapter 7 About painting and drawing Page 7 Printing Chapter 13 Printing images You Online or click the Adobe icon in the shortcuts bar. Update Options. Once you have the image in Photoshop Elements, the software offers features designed to help you begin retouching images with ease. Page 16 Photographs are often taken or scanned at a slight angle and as a result may need to be cropped or rotated.

Photoshop Elements lets you automatically straighten and crop images by using one of the Straighten Image commands. You can also cut and rotate images by using the crop tool. Page Easy To Use And Affordable You can then paste the foreground object into another image to create professional, seamless composites.

Easy to Use and Affordable With an intuitive interface and affordable price, Photoshop Elements enables anyone interested in digital imaging to quickly enhance their images using professional tools. Page Adobe photoshop elements 2018 manual pdf free download Tools Overview Web Tools Photoshop Elements provides a series of commands and tools that let you quickly and easily create eye-catching visuals for your Web page.

Add custom effects You can specify layer settings such as drop shadows, bevels, and glows. Explore Your Creativity Photoshop Elements software provides endless ways adobe photoshop elements 2018 manual pdf free download get creative with your images.

Its wide variety of tools and commands provide easy yet powerful ways to create and adobe photoshop elements 2018 manual pdf free download images. Page Produce Outstanding Results Or you can use the Impressionist tool to quickly give photos the look of an artistic painting. Page 23 User Guide Convenient, cost-effective, reliable printing Photoshop Elements makes it easy to адрес страницы the most outstanding printed results while also saving time and money.

The Picture Package feature automatically generates multiple copies of a photo in different sizes on a single page, similar to the photo packages traditionally sold by portrait studios. This enables you to maximize the use of expensive photo-quality paper, and gives you a simple way to create and print a contact sheet of your images for easy reference. Page Looking At The Work Area Using the tools area Some tools in the toolbox let you select, edit, and The Photoshop Elements work area is arranged to view images; other tools let you paint, draw, and help you focus on creating and editing images.

You can view information about any tool in the toolbox by positioning the pointer over it. By default, Click its icon in the toolbox. Page 31 Using palette menus Palette menus are an important part of working with Photoshop Elements.

Some commands in Palettes are grouped. To automatically resize the window when magnifying or reducing the view: With the Zoom tool active, select Resize Windows To Fit in the options bar. Page 35 To specify a different color, click the color box, Note: To reset the ruler origin to its default value, and choose a color. Some features—such as the Hints For Color, choose a preset color, or select palette and the Recipes palette—provide infor Page 37 Follow the instructions in the recipe.

You can commands. Using the Hints palette The Hints palette helps you learn how to use tools Using the Info palette and palettes. Do one of основываясь на этих данных following: The angle A adobe photoshop elements 2018 manual pdf free download a line or gradient; Correcting mistakes Most operations can be undone adobe photoshop elements 2018 manual pdf free download you make a Context menu for a document window mistake.

Think of presets as ingredients for creating an image. You select presets through pop-up palettes in the options bar. Setting preferences In Mac OS, do one of the following Photoshop Elements may not be able to list all the The path to the folder will appear in the prefer- plug-ins in their appropriate menus. Newly installed ences window. Page 49 Select the desired disks from the menu you can partition of a drive with free memory.

By adobe photoshop elements 2018 manual pdf free download, assign up to four scratch disks. Photoshop Elements uses the hard drive that the Click OK. You can move, resize, or displays pixels horizontally and vertically. Higher resolution images usually per unit of printed length in an image, usually reproduce more detail and subtler color transi- measured in pixels per inch ppi. In Photoshop tions than lower resolution images. To enter adobe photoshop elements 2018 manual pdf free download as percentages of the automatically to preserve the total pixel count.

Note: You can also perform adobe photoshop elements 2018 manual pdf free download test using an Optimizing the dynamic range of the scan percent neutral gray card or an step gray wedge from a photography store.

Set the Anti-alias option in the options bar as desired. To blend edge pixels during rasterization, select the Anti-alias option. Page Calibrating Your Monitor The parameters work just as they do on a television set.

Page 77 When converting to indexed color, values of all three components are equal, the result Photoshop Elements builds a color lookup table is a shade of neutral gray. When the value of all CLUTwhich stores and indexes the colors in the components isthe result is pure white; This Converting to indexed color reduces the подробнее на этой странице is useful for viewing images on a black- number of colors in the image to at most — Page 80 Previous colors from the RGB color cube.

For example, if previous conversion, making it easy to convert Photoshop Elements takes 6 evenly spaced color several images with the same custom palette. Choose a dither option from the menu, and enter a value for the dither amount. Page 83 You can also specify the area sampled by the eyedropper tool. For example, you can set the The Info palette and the Adobe Color Picker let eyedropper adobe photoshop elements 2018 manual pdf free download sample the color values of a you display color values using a number of color 3-bypixel area under the pointer.

Page 84 Color Picker to select the color you want to add. Position the pointer over an empty space in the Using the Adobe Color Picker Changing views of the palette You can use the Adobe Color Picker to select the You can change the view of the palette to display foreground or background color by choosing from swatches in different ways. Page 86 Any color you pick with Specifying a color using numeric values this option selected is Web-safe.

If you choose An image have corrected the overall color balance of your with full tonal range has a high number of pixels in image, you can make optional adjustments to all areas. By default, Shows the total number of pixels corre You can use the image are mapped to ; pixels with lower middle Input slider to change the intensity values intensity values are mapped to corresponding of the middle range of gray tones without dramat- lighter values. Drag the slider to the right to darken the midtones; drag adobe photoshop elements 2018 manual pdf free download to the left to Select the eyedropper tool, and choose 3 by 3 lighten the midtones.

If color components, it helps to keep a diagram of a color channel is selected in the Levels dialog box, the color wheel on hand. You can use the color Moving the slider one The Variations command lets you adjust the color tick mark doubles the adjustment amount. Page Adobe photoshop elements 2018 manual pdf free download увидеть больше apply this command, areas of an image.

Page About Selections Chapter 5: Selecting o modify part of an image in Adobe isolating color areas with the magic wand tool. Hold down Shift as you drag to constrain Select a marquee tool: the marquee to a square or circle.

A higher value detects only edges segment, double-click, press Enter or Return, or that contrast sharply with their surroundings; You can move a selection border around an image, hide a selection border, and invert a selection so Since only the Enter a value for the Feather Radius, and edge pixels change, no detail is lost. If you have You can move or copy selections and layers within selected multiple areas, all move as you drag. Photoshop Elements applications prompts when vector artwork will be The drag-and-drop feature lets you copy and rasterized.

To cut is pasted. Page Transforming And Retouching Chapter 6: Transforming and Retouching ou can transform and retouch images in If necessary, select the Shield cropped area many ways.

For example, you can manip- option to show the cropping shield. You can crop seamless, panoramic image from multiple an image by decreasing the canvas area. If larger than 2 megapixels. Click Add in the Photomerge dialog box. Page Because of differences in the work area: perspective, the pieces may not line up exactly. For a wider Select the Use Perspective option. You may want to create Note: If a type or shape layer is selected, you must You work with a preview image of the current simplify the layer before proceeding.

A bounding box appears in transform. Page CHAPTER 6 Transforming and Retouching To scale a layer, selection, or shape: Skewing, distorting, and applying perspective to layers, selections, and Select the layer, area, or shape you want to shapes transform. This option is useful when you Select the sponge tool. Choose a brush size from the pop-up palette in Choose a brush size from the pop-up palette in the options bar. The paint builds up Choose a brush size from the pop-up palette in along the edges of the brush stroke.

You can choose to erase contiguous pixels a layer to transparency as you drag;



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Networking Software. Trending from CNET. Download Now. Developer’s Description By Andrei Doubrovski. As you, probably, know, Adobe Photoshop Elements has not inherited all of the essential features of the full Photoshop.

Some functions have been removed, while the others just stay hidden. The „surface“ Photoshop Elements functions are quite sufficient for a beginner. As you advance, though, you may miss one or another undocumented function. Full Specifications.

What’s new in version Release December 20, Date Added December 19, Version Operating Systems. Page Choose a color, and click OK. Specify a blending mode and opacity for the paint.

Page Click a style to apply it to the shape layer. Transforming shapes You can also paint a border around a selection or a You can alter a shape by applying transformations layer. Page Creating And Editing Patterns This In addition to using the libraries of patterns allows you to create a softer border than one provided with Photoshop Elements, you can created using the Stroke layer style.

The Stroke create your own custom patterns. Page Feather must be set to 0 px. Enter a name for the pattern in the Pattern Deselect the rectangle.

Page Using Layers About layers When you create, import, or scan an image in Photoshop Elements, the image consists of a single layer. However, if you plan to add different elements to your image, layers will make your task a lot easier. In the Layers palette, select the layer that you want to move. For Grid Size, choose a pattern size. By default, the transparent areas of a document appear as a Drag the layer up or down in the Layers palette.

The copied Duplicate Layer from the Layers palette menu. For Select the Document Sizes option in the status bar. If a setting is dimmed, it is not Scaling applies only to shadow distance, outer present in the effect you are using, and therefore glow size, inner glow size, and bevel size. You can fully or partially lock layers to protect their contents. When a layer is locked, a lock Note: For type and shape layers, transparency is displays to the right of the layer name.

The name of the base layer in the position the pointer over the line separating two Page For more information on creating then click OK. If variety of backgrounds and textures. You might necessary, exit from other applications to make then blur these textures. For value from the displacement map—0 is the example, using a parabola-shaped displacement maximum negative shift, is the maximum map, you can create an image that appears to be positive shift, and a gray value of produces no Specify the Shear the upper left or lower right, Out From Center curve by dragging the line in the box to form a displaces pixels toward or away from the center of curve for the distortion.

This blur- possible that eliminates defects. You can images, often for a 3D effect. Page Lighting Effects Filter For information on choosing a location. Shift-drag to keep the angle constant and change only the size of the ellipse. Page Using Type in the options bar. For best vertical type tool. As a result, variety of shapes; for example, you can warp type the edges of the type blend into the background.

The range of available type styles varies with hold down Shift and press the Right Arrow or Left each font. The type size determines how large the type appears in the image. The default unit of Select a unit of measurement for Type. Photoshop Elements provides several options for working with Asian type. Asian fonts are often referred to as double-byte fonts or CJK fonts.

The character itself is is a block of horizontal type laid out within a not stretched or squeezed as a result. When mojikumi is off, full-width spacing is applied to these characters. When mojikumi is on, half-width spacing is applied to these characters. You images for effective Web publishing can also use the layers in your original image to results.

You can select a modem speed in original and optimized images in the Save For Web the Preview pop-up menu. See Windows monitor. You can choose a continuous-tone images such as photographs.

Page Selective is the the frequency of colors in the image. Choose Auto default option. You can choose To control application dither: a dithering pattern to be applied to the image. Page You can save custom You can preview browser dither directly in dither patterns in groups called collections, and use Photoshop Elements or in a browser that uses an the dither patterns with other images.

Photoshop Elements animation options as the Save for Web dialog box. Photoshop Elements using the Open command.

Online Services are available only to users 13 and older and require agreement to additional terms of use and the Adobe Privacy Policy seewww. Online Services are not available in all countries or languages, may require user registration and may be discontinued or modified in whole or in part without notice.

Additional fees or subscription charges may apply. Free YouTube Downloader. IObit Uninstaller. Internet Download Manager. WinRAR bit. Advanced SystemCare Free. VLC Media Player. MacX YouTube Downloader.

Microsoft Office YTD Video Downloader. Adobe Photoshop CC. VirtualDJ Avast Free Security. WhatsApp Messenger. Talking Tom Cat. Clash of Clans. Subway Surfers. Make a selection. Using any selection tool, do one of the You can use this option to select an object placed following: against a solid-colored background.

Select a Enter a value for the Feather Radius, and tool to display its options bar. You must specify click OK. If you have You can move or copy selections and layers within selected multiple areas, all move as you drag.

Use the Image Size To create multiple copies of a selection within an image: command to make the source and destination images the same resolution before copying and Select the move tool , or hold down Ctrl pasting. Page Drawing And Editing Chapter 6: Drawing and Editing he drawing tools let you create and edit Working with shapes provides several advantages: vector shapes. Keep in mind the following differences when using Select the rectangle tool , rounded rectangle the drawing tools in Photoshop and ImageReady: tool , ellipse tool , or line tool ; When using a shape tool, pixels with the surrounding pixels.

Select Start, End, or both to specify as a star. Enter a percentage in the text box to on which end of the line arrows are rendered. The saved shape appears in the Shape pop-up palette.

Anchor points are position the pointer where you want the next added automatically as you draw. When this option is path, and drag. To select or deselect a path in the palette: Because they take up less disk space than pixel- Do one of the following It can contain more than one distinct endpoints for example, a wavy line.

Hold down Shift as you the points or segments you want to move. Page OK. Page CHAPTER 6 Drawing and Editing To add an anchor point: To convert between a smooth point and a corner point: Select the add anchor point tool , and Select the convert anchor point tool , position the pointer on the path where you want and position the pointer over the anchor point the anchor point added a plus sign appears next you want changed. Because of their smooth outlines, you can convert Enter a new name in the Rename Path dialog paths into precise selection borders.

Filling a path is the same as creating a rasterized shape using the shape tools. DCS 2. When the heavy You can select one or more channels in the black line appears in the position you want, Channels palette. Type a name for the new image.

The new image channels you want to merge, and make one of the appears in an untitled window. If needed, rename the channel.

If you select a custom color, your print service provider can more easily provide the proper ink to Select Spot Color. Photoshop Note: In some cases, such as varnish and bump You can use the blending effects associated with plates, you may want colors to overprint.

This is Select Invert to use the negative of the channel a good way to combine nonoverlapping images in contents in the calculation. For Channel, choose two channels. Gray to get the same effect as would be obtained by converting the image to a grayscale image.

Painting with white mode to add to or subtract from it to make the removes areas from the mask, expanding the mask. Alternatively, create the mask entirely in selection. Use a painting or editing tool to paint in the image. Paint with black to add to the channel, paint with By default, the selection is saved in a new channel. Page Using Layers Chapter 8: Using Layers hen you create, import, or scan an you can see through to the layers below.

You can drag Choose Palette Options from the Layers palette through the eye column next to the layers or layer menu. This option requires set you want to move.

Newly added layers and layer sets appear above the selected layer in the Layers palette. By creating new layers or converting selections Then click OK.

Page CHAPTER 8 Using Layers To copy a layer or layer set between images: To copy multiple layers or layer sets into another image: Make sure that both the source and destination Make sure that both the source and destination images are open. Layers can be grouped into layer sets. Layer sets When the highlighted line appears in the desired allow you to easily move the layers as a group, location, release the mouse button. As you select names from the left column, the options on the right change.

However, it stops just Photoshop , choose one of the knockout options: below the base of the clipping group when Blend Clipped Layers as Group is not selected.

Page CHAPTER 8 Using Layers image, for example, you can choose to exclude the To specify the scope of blend effects: Red channel from blending, and change in the Select the layer that you want to affect such as composite image only the channel information the bottom layer of a clipping group.

Layer styles are linked to custom layer style, or click the name of the layer the layer contents. When you move or edit the effect to select it and to display its options in the contents on the layer, the layer style applied to that dialog box. Page CHAPTER 8 Using Layers If you create a new layer style using the New Item Specifying options for layer styles button, New Style menu command, or Layer Style When customizing layer styles, you can specify a dialog box, all effects on the current layer are number of options for each effect contained in the included in the new layer style.

The Style create a bevel on the inside edges of the layer position can be reset with the Snap to Origin contents, Outer Bevel to create a bevel on the button. You can obscure an entire layer or layer set, or just a selected part of it, using a mask or a layer After creating a layer mask, you can use the clipping path. Page Layer Mask Display Options dialog box, and choose a new color. Option-click the layer mask thumbnail, or click To change the opacity, enter a value between an eye icon.

You can Pattern the Layer menu. You can rasterize an to specify the size of the pattern. To conserve disk space, any layers and channels.

Select the layer set. Depending on how you and precision. You can enter and edit Vertical to enter type vertically. While Select a type layer that has warping applied to it. Triple-click a line to select it. Page CID font into the local Fonts folder, the font for type is points.

One PostScript point is equal to appears in Adobe applications only. Character palette menu. A check mark indicates A positive value moves horizontal type above that the option is selected. Choose Rotate Character from the Character palette menu.


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Table Of Contents. Quick Links. Table of Contents. Previous Page. Next Page. Adobe assumes no responsibility or liability for any errors or inaccuracies that may appear in this documentation. Page 3: Table Of Contents Page 7 Grouping layers into sets Page Using the Adobe greatly increases your productivity. So that Adobe For help with any of these techniques, Photoshop 6. Page Adobe Photoshop Basics You can complete the modules in sequence, or select individual ones to design your own program introduction.

This module shows you the basics of navigating the work area, from selecting tools and tool options to customizing the display and arrangement of palettes. Display a palette menu To display a palette menu, click the black triangle at the upper right of the palette. Opening images in Photoshop and ImageReady Photoshop and ImageReady let you open or import a variety of source images. Most, but not all, operations can be reversed this way. The image may appear washed out, for example, or appear too dark or too light in certain areas.

However, with the power of digital technology you can use these tools to apply all sorts of creative effects beyond basic photo retouching. This type of selection is called a pixel selection because you are selecting an area that contains pixel information. If you experience trouble selecting the image area you want, you may need to check that you are working on the proper layer. A higher tolerance selects a broader range of colors. Then click the area in the image you want to select. Page Making Edits Adobe Photoshop Basics Making edits Photoshop and ImageReady are equipped with a rich collection of editing tools and commands that you can use to modify your images.

In addition to basic edits such as repositioning or applying geometric changes to a selection, you can create an unlimited variety of special effects using the Filter commands. Duplicating a selection Rotating a selection The transformation commands let you make geometric changes—such as Page Using Layers Adobe Photoshop Basics Using layers Layers provide a powerful way for you to organize and manage the various components of your image.

For example, by placing an element on a separate layer, you can easily edit and arrange the element without interfering with other parts of the image. This feature is especially useful for creating Web buttons and rollover states.

First, duplicate the layer containing the desired area, and select the duplicate layer in the Layers palette. Page Painting Adobe Photoshop Basics Painting and drawing Painting Painting in Photoshop or ImageReady is as easy as choosing a color, selecting a tool, choosing a brush tip, and dragging in the image to paint. The various painting tools are modeled after styles of traditional paint media.

Page Drawing Shapes The shape tools let you draw crisp-edged shapes of various dimensions and colors. You can enter and preview type directly in an image, as well as specify a full range of formatting options. Type is automatically added to a new layer. In addition, you can apply special warp effects to the shape of type and make global edits to type layers.

New capabilities include integrated vector-drawing tools to extend your creative range, expanded tools and features for Web-production tasks, and numerous interface enhancements to help you get to work quickly and use the Photoshop and ImageReady features more fully.

With these new tools, you can incorporate resolution-independent, vector-based graphics and type along with pixel-based images to achieve an unparalleled range of design effects. Layer styles Photoshop 6. Layer effects and styles update automatically as you edit your image and are particularly useful for designing type, buttons, and banners. To add effects to a layer, you simply check each one you want in the list and specify appropriate settings.

An image that includes solid colors, text, and photographic images, for example, looks best with different settings applied to different areas. Page Weighted Optimization ImageReady or Photoshop to compile the sliced pieces and update edits you make to the image.

Now, when you select a tool in the toolbox, all the options that control its behavior are easily Options bar accessible in a context-sensitive options bar. Now you can create hundreds of layers in an image to help arrange elements in an intricate composition. The new Character and Paragraph palettes make it easy to choose formatting options for your type. Page 62 Photoshop even supports the next generation of Adobe composition engines, offering you a choice of the every-line and single-line composers.

The every- line composer sets multiple lines of text in relation to each other to ensure optimal line breaks, while the single-line composer handles one line of text at a time. Page Preset Manager Photoshop 6.

Once you load a library in the Preset Manager, it becomes available whenever its elements are used in Photoshop—in the options bar, the Styles palette, the Gradient Editor dialog box, Position the pointer on the visible tool and With all tools except the move tool, annotation hold down the mouse button until the hidden tools, and the type tool, you can switch to precise A list of open The window controls let you change the screen windows appears in the Window menu. Page 76 In Photoshop, you can also use the Navigator For more information on choosing colors, palette to quickly change the view of an image.

To view another area of an image: Click OK. When the image has Select the zoom tool. For Use, choose History, and click OK. Older states are automatically deleted to free more memory for Photoshop. Using the Photoshop Undo command lets you undo only one step and The Snapshot command lets you make a state.

Double-click the snapshot and enter a name. The measure tool calculates the distance between any two points in the work area. When you Do one of the following Page 93 Web or other ImageReady.

Otherwise, it will be lost if you create a Page Setting Preferences Numerous program settings are stored in Adobe To rename presets contained in a library: Photoshop 6 Prefs. Adobe Photoshop 6 Settings folder. Page Getting Images Into Chapter 2: Getting Images into Photoshop and ImageReady ou can get digital images from a variety of Bitmap images are the most common electronic sources—you can create new images, medium for continuous-tone images, such as import them from another graphics appli- photographs or digital paintings, because they can cation, or capture them using a digital camera.

In Photoshop, an image with a low resolution. Image resolution thus becomes a produce different results when you resize an compromise between image quality capturing all image. Page CHAPTER 2 Getting Images into Photoshop and ImageReady If you turn on resampling for the image, you can To maintain the current proportions of image change print dimensions and resolution indepen- width to image height, select Constrain Propor- dently and change the total number of pixels in tions.

Systems Incorporated. If you have problems with scanning, make sure that you are using the latest For Screen, enter the screen frequency for the version of the appropriate scanner driver. Adobe Acrobat. Page Placing Files Constrain Proportions.

By default, these options represent scale as a Open the Photoshop image into which you percentage; Saturation repre- they are also called additive colors. Each pair of subtractive the three channels translate to 24 8 x 3 bits of colors creates an additive color, and vice versa.

When vary, depending on the printing conditions. Common values for bit Every Adobe Photoshop image has one or more depth range from 1 to 64 bits per pixel. In addition, only the Page Converting To Indexed Color Photoshop CHAPTER 3 Working with Color Converting to indexed color Applying colors Photoshop Once you have set up the color mode for an image, you can specify a foreground and background Converting to indexed color reduces the color by using the eyedropper tool, the Color number of colors in the image to at most — For example, a variety of color standards set by clients and RGB spaces can exist among scanners and designers, viewing and editing color monitors, and a variety of CMYK spaces can exist consistently becomes critical, all the way from among printing presses.

These settings can also serve as starting the Color Settings dialog box. The working spaces Photoshop 4. For a newly created document, the color another action.

To share custom color settings between lighting conditions of your work station. Turn anti-aliasing on or off for the rounded Do one of the following: rectangle or elliptical marquee. To preview the selection in the image window, You can drag a selection border partly ImageReady beyond the canvas boundaries.

When you drag If you create a slice in ImageReady, it can be it back, the original border reappears intact. Make a selection. Using any selection tool, do one of the You can use this option to select an object placed following: against a solid-colored background. Select a Enter a value for the Feather Radius, and tool to display its options bar. You must specify click OK. If you have You can move or copy selections and layers within selected multiple areas, all move as you drag.

Use the Image Size To create multiple copies of a selection within an image: command to make the source and destination images the same resolution before copying and Select the move tool , or hold down Ctrl pasting.

Page Drawing And Editing Chapter 6: Drawing and Editing he drawing tools let you create and edit Working with shapes provides several advantages: vector shapes. Keep in mind the following differences when using Select the rectangle tool , rounded rectangle the drawing tools in Photoshop and ImageReady: tool , ellipse tool , or line tool ; When using a shape tool, pixels with the surrounding pixels. Select Start, End, or both to specify as a star.

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